El grupo Skala, cuenta con más de quince años en el mercado, interpretando la más amplia variedad de ritmos latinos como merengue, salsa, soca, reguea y toda la música que suena en la actualidad, además de clásicos en ingles, pop, rock y pop latino.
Contamos con seis integrantes de excelente calidad, y profesionalismo lo que se refleja en el sonido, animación y manejo de las fiestas y presentaciones en general.
Gracias a la variedad de nuestro repertorio montamos un show completo en el que involucramos al público haciendo de cada presentación una verdadera fiesta lo que ha ayudado a que llevemos nuestra música a grandes eventos tanto dentro como fuera de Costa Rica.
El grupo esta conformado por instrumentos de percusión, teclados, bajo, guitarra, saxofón y voces, apoyado en un excelente equipo con la mejor tecnología en sonido e iluminación.
Los organizadores de bodas, hoteles, maestros de ceremonias y empresas nos recomiendan, compañías como Weddings Costa Rica, Total Weddings, Eventos TS Tradiciones entre otros, Hoteles como Marriott, Real Intercontinental, La Condesa, Corobicí, Marriott Los Sueños, Hacienda Villa Hermosa, Grupo Tam, Swiss Travel y los mejores maestros de ceremonias de Costa Rica dan sus recomendaciones y son puntos de referencia acerca de nuestra calidad y profesionalismo.
Agradecemos su elección y le aseguramos que su evento será todo un éxito.

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his initial 2009 coaching review, which took place on May 7, 2010. Denton, then Bassick principal and then AD Paul Shanazu gave Marcucio 1′s across the board in the four "Human Relationships" categories as well as every "Professional Skills" category, except one works in a collaborative manner with coaching staff and school administration. In that category, Remy gave Marcucio a 2 (improvement needed) while both Denton and Shanazu gave 3′s (area of concern). "We got through the whole (2010) season, no problems," said Marcucio, who assisted former head coach for two seasons before taking over in 2009. "I have my review. My review is perfect. No problems. We were moving in the right direction. Everything’s great." Then things took a turn for the worse. Kennedy Stadium is a city owned facility, although it sits on the campus of . Technically, both Central and Bassick share it, including the locker room, and play their home games there. However, in 2009,
species grown include H. sexstylosa, which is very similar to H. populnea, and H. lyalli and H. glabrata, are similar to one another. H. lyalli grows to about 7 m while H. glabrata is a little taller at 9 m. The leaves are similar to H. populnea but covered in fine hairs. H. glabrata has somewhat bluish leaves. Both species flower in summer and are hardy to at least 15C. It is a semi evergreen or deciduous 12 m 8 m tree that is almost totally frost tender when young, but tolerates 5C once well established. Although the very finely divided fern like leaves are attractive, jacaranda is mainly grown for its spectacular clusters of bright wholesale jerseys china purplish blue trumpet flowers. These may appear in spring in very mild areas, with summer the main flowering season. White and pink flowered forms are occasionally available. Up to 15 m high when mature, though shrubby for many years, it has elliptical, deep bronze green, serrated edged leaves up to 100 mm long. In summer, the tree produces masses of 150
alcune buone ragioni per comprare mammut e patagonia sport invernali: tutti;Registrandoti avrai accesso a tutte le funzioni dello Skiforum e la navigazione sarà più veloce (non apparirà più questo messaggio di benvenuto). Per ora ho trovato che quelli più attivi sono Scarpa con i suoi modelii ECO, la dalbello con un progetto interamente Bio compatibile che risale ad alcuni anni fa e di salomon che utilizza per il ghost alcune plastiche bio. Penso che potrebbe diventare un importante parametro per scegliere un prodotto (chiaramente a parità di performance.) ciao Martino, in questa analisi c’è la voce "materie prime" (dove solo la patagonia ha preso il massimo) che dovrebbe tener conto dei materiali e in ricaduta dell’impatto ambientale. Penso che questa prima classifica sia solo l’inizio della storia, e che presto molte ditte correranno ai ripari per migliorare l’immagine sporcata dall’indagine. L’articolo della rivista del CAS
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